March 16, 2001 -The shirt list will soon be finished. A few links to pictures of the logos have been established. Do you know of any bands that need promotion? We will gladly do your bands T's and put a link to your site. Just let us know.

March 07, 2001 - The webpage for StreetMarx has been created. The shirts are listed and you can view the product list. There will always be more to come and we plan to keep "revamping" the site to perfection. At the moment, you have to print an order form and mail it to the address listed. However, we are still perfecting the PayPal (online credit options, a trusted net commerce site). Since we are begining in phases, please email us with your concerns. Thank you.

St.Joseph, Missouri
tel: 816-351-1822
fax: 816-238-4549

*please allow 2-3 weeks for shipments* Terms of Service